Holiday Program – Port Macquarie

8.30am-5.00pm at the Port Macquarie Indoor Stadium

Each day is broken into two 4 hour sessions.
Students can enrol for the morning or afternoon at $25 per session
or stay for the day for just $40.
Students should bring a snack and drink, plus lunch if staying for the whole day.
Classes are available for current (2020) Kinder to Year 10 students.

Pixelmon Unleashed
Pokemon Minecraft Madness

Have you ever dreamed of battling Legendary pokemon?
Computer Capers Newest Version of Pixelmon has it all! Train, Battle & Evolve all your favourite Pokemon, Team up with your friends on our Safe, Secure Multiplayer Server. Test your skills in Gyms, Fly around on your very own pokemon! Let Your Pixelmon Quest Begin. Catch ‘Em’ All!

You’re a Wizard Harry
I Solemnly Swear I am up to No Good

Imagine going to school at Hogwarts!

Our brand new Harry Potter Minecraft Server lets your dreams come true! Get your first Wand, learn Magic Spells, defeat your enemies, friendly duel with other players and much much more!

Ultimate Modded Build-Off
$100 in Prizes!

Have you ever thought of the normal, traditional Epic Build-Off, WITH MODS? Well, fortunately, it's your lucky day, Computer Capers are running A Build-Off with all the best building mods. These will include Mr Crayfish Furniture Mod, BiblioCraft, and many, many more!

Survival Games
$100 in Prizes!

Survival Games is a Battle Royale style minigame inspired by the Hunger Games. Players spawn in a circle at the centre of the map and when the round begins must fight until there is only one survivor remaining. Weapons and food can be found in chests hidden throughout the arena and players can also venture into the wilderness to gather resources and craft additional items.

Adventure Quests
Will you Achieve them all?

Participating Players can take on multiple quests simultaneously, completing them for stellar rewards and unlockables. From placing blocks on mountain tops to defeating the Ender Dragon or farming potatoes. There are quests for all players from easy and hard.

$100 in Prizes!

Calling all Minecraft builders! CC's will be running an Epic Minecraft Build-Off Tournament, with over $100 in prizes! Players will be given 2 hours to work on their build, bassed off a given theme. This session is sure to fill up fast, book now to secure your seat

Modded Castaway
With a Twist?

Be very excited about this one!! We will play Minecraft the way it was designed, ‘old school’ but with a twist! It takes place on an island with no shelter or food. First, we need to survive the night, work as a team to build a shelter, find food and of course, keep the bad guys out! With Mods like The Morph Mod, Simply Jetpacks 2, Build Craft and More!

Creative Bonanza
The Best Building Mods!

Creative Bonanza is a creative multiplayer server with a difference, players take control and work collaboratively building your creation, with all the best building mods, we will watch the server come to life. Work on a Hospital, build a school, or even your very own Horse farm. Join us for Creative Bonanza where your imagination is the only restriction!

Pixelmon - The search for Mewtwo
Conquer the Pixelmon Map!

Mewtwo Escaped the Maximum Security Science Lab and it is your quest to search and capture the wild Mewtwo. Do not underestimate its powers. Team up with your mates and Conquer the Pixelmon map!

Minecraft Mania
Afternoon Mini-Game Madness

Minecraft Maina the most popular game on the internet, come and play here in a safe secure area on Rob & Joels all NEW Minecraft server. The server holds NEW automated GAMES, such as EggWars, Painball & SkyWars just to name a few. If you have never played don't worry its very user-friendly, Build a house, Mine for diamonds and have fun.