After School Learning Program

Learn to Code in a fun way with Computer Capers Online Learning Program

In this course, you will start from scratch and build an amazing Minecraft mod by step by step instructions. Some parts of the mod show you the basics of Minecraft mod writing but some parts are really fun. You will create your own tools, armor, block, item, crop etc. And you will write your name with blocks in the sky with a command, you will build huge structures just with a few clicks.

Wednesday 4pm - 5pm | 6-11yrs
Thursday 4pm - 5pm | 11-15yrs

This course is for especially young people who like playing Minecraft and want to learn Coding.
By taking this course you will learn the basics of object-oriented coding in Java in a fun way.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to write your own mods for Minecraft
  • About basic concepts in Java programming language
  • About basic concepts in object-oriented codeing
  • How to use an Integrated Development Environment (Eclipse)
  • How to solve problems
  • How to connect your ideas
  • Computing Skills
  • Fun classes

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Interest in Minecraft
  • Interest in Java development

Skill level: Beginner Level