Holiday Program – Sydney

8.30am-5.00pm at the Port Macquarie Indoor Stadium

Each day is broken into two 4 hour sessions.
Students can enroll for the morning or afternoon at $30 per session
or stay for the day for just $50.
Students should bring a snack and drink, plus lunch if staying for the whole day.
Classes are available for current (2021) Kinder to Year 10 students.

Monday 11th April 2022

You don't need explaining on this one, everyone knows what it is! Computer Capers is bringing back yet again, the most popular server of Pixelmon. Buckle up for the adventure hasn't even begun.

Fight To Survive
Tuesday 12th April 2022

Hunting, fighting, and hopefully surviving, computer capers all-new fight to survive server has it all. Join your friends and venture on the quest for survival. It's all up to you comrad!!!!

Wednesday 13th April 2022

Computer Capers is thrilled to present to you, Modex. And today Modex is teaming up with you!  The Minecraft version of SpaceX needs help. We're counting on you!

Battle Spam PVP
Thursday 14th April 2022

When you're thick in the midst of battle and you've only got half a heart what do you do? Battlespam. Computers capers brand new PvP on a 1.8 version. With the click of a button, you can spam and you can win.

Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Have you ever faced a Creeper and blown up? Or found yourself lost in a jungle and you didn't know your way home? Or even have needed a quick escape from a battle? Well with the Superheroes Unlimited Mod, now you can! You are born to be a hero so suit up, the journey is just beginning.

Steve Vs Zombies
Wednesday 20th April 2022

Very excited about this one!! We will play Minecraft the way it was designed, OLD SCHOOL with a few mods. It will take place on an island with no shelter or food, we will first need to survive the night, and work as a team to build shelter find food and of course, keep the bad guys out, this one is not for the faint-hearted

Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons
Thursday 21th April 2022

Minecraft Dungeons is a popular game separate to Minecraft java edition. Its action-packed with a new dungeon crawler way to play Minecraft. Team Up, Fight the Dungeon Bosses, and load up on treasure!

Minecraft Build Battle Tournament
Friday 22nd April 2022

There's no time to play! The biggest yet building competition is in town! You say your good, but do you really have the skills to partake in the most epic build ever.