The Balance between Screen Time and Fresh Air

Every parent can appreciate a few minutes of quiet time while the kids play games. Some parents may even have fun with the kids and play games too. Minecraft stands out in the crowd of games as being a fun, safe environment for your kids to explore worlds and express their creativity. As fun as the game can be, it is important to maintain a balance between screen time and fresh air. Balancing can help your child’s development, promote a healthy lifestyle, and stimulate them.

A short disclaimer, screen time can and is a healthy way to learn and live. This article focuses on striking a balance, not eliminating one side or the other. Screen time can help develop your children’s skills in other ways, be part of a healthy lifestyle, and certainly gives them stimulation. The idea should focus on creating a mix of the two to get out and enjoy the outdoors to bring balance to staying indoors. Doing so early on can help set life choices for years to come.

Child development comes in many shapes and sizes. Fresh air can help develop many physical skill sets, from being active in sports, learning new hobbies, or just enjoying camping. These examples promote physical health while teaching hand-eye coordination and dexterity. On the flip side, going camping can introduce your children to survival, respect for nature, and getting comfortable outside. Fresh air helps on many different levels when it comes to child development and should be an important part of their lives.

A healthy lifestyle should always be the goal when it comes to children. Many older generation parents or grandparents complain about how screens have taken over their kids. Unfortunately, they also miss the fact that they aren’t outside either. Getting your kids outside can mean being outside yourself. Take the opportunity to walk a few laps, play some ball, or go for a hike. It may seem hard to find the energy to get out in the world, but fresh air can benefit the whole family.

One of the best aspects of balancing the screen and fresh air comes from stimulating your kids. Remember the joys of finding a new sport or game to play outside or making new friends to play with? Take the time to try new things, the outside world offers a ton of options, be it swimming, sports, or just enjoying a snow cone on a hot day. Get out their and experience your childhood passions with your kids and make memories.

Nobody denies that games and screen time can be an important part of a balanced lifestyle. Just remember the vast outside world exists and can offer many opportunities for you and your tykes to grow. It can help them develop skills and passions that last a lifetime, help them with balance and stimulate their creative side. Minecraft may offer a wonderful and exotic outdoors world, but seeing the real world can have just as much of a lasting effect.